Indoor Bowls Tours to Bournemouth – Sample Itinerary



The following is a suggested itinerary for a 4-night Indoor Bowls tour:



Travel to Bournemouth.

Arrive at the hotel in the afternoon then spend the rest of the day relaxing and settling in. Explore Bournemouth town centre with it’s many shops or take a leisurely walk along the seafront. In the evening meet the rest of the party for a drink in the bar followed by a superb dinner.



Enjoy breakfast with your fellow bowlers at the hotel and then spend the morning at your pleasure. Depart in the afternoon for a local bowls match at The Dolphin Indoor Bowling Club in Poole.

Enjoy the company of the locals as you play a friendly match – usually fours but occasional ‘triples’ with tea and biscuits during the match. After the match enjoy a drink at the bar or a cup of tea with the host team and then return to the hotel for dinner.

After dinner enjoy an evening of music with friends.



Start the day with a leisurely breakfast and then you have a free day to do as you please and explore the local area. Perhaps take a bus to Christchurch and have a wander around the pretty town and quay. Bournemouth has a fantastic bus service with buses to most local towns every 10 minutes.

In the evening meet in the bar at the hotel followed by dinner. Spend the evening playing cards, chatting and relaxing with friends.



After breakfast enjoy a free morning with a chance to see anything you may have missed seeing in the town that has been recommended to you during your stay; perhaps a trip to the fabulous Russell Cotes Museum.

In the afternoon depart for a bowls match at Dorchester Indoor Bowls Club. Enjoy the game followed by socialising with the host team making new friends.

Enjoy your final dinner at the hotel followed by music for dancing and perhaps presentation of prizes from your tour!



Enjoy your breakfast then it is time to go home!